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Snorkler Chinking Pump

Snorkler Chinking Pump
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Product Description

For big jobs save time with the Snorkler. Apply Log Builder and Log Jam quickly and easily.

The Snorkler is a one-of-a-kind pump that greatly reduces your time spent caulking and chinking. It seals your home up to four times faster than conventional caulking and chinking jobs.

The Snorkler applies a smooth and consistently even bead, creating less need for tooling. Use the Snorkler with Log Jam and Log Builder 5-gallon pails.

The Snorkler is a variable speed pump that greatly reduces the time spent caulking and chinking log homes. The self-priming pump applies caulk or chink directly from a straight-sided 5-gallon bucket. The Snorkler applies a smooth and consistently even bead, creating less need for tooling. Different size nozzles are also available for almost any application. The Snorkler is made exclusively for Log Jam™ Chinking and Log Builder Log Sealant packed in straight-sided 5-gallon buckets. Features of the Snorkler

The Snorkler has an easy to use electric motor which operates on standard 115 voltage, so no air compressor is needed. If there should happen to be a malfunction in the field, indicator lights will illuminate to identify the problem. A cutoff switch stops the pump when the pail is empty and large rubber tires on a sturdy cart allow for maneuverability.

Snorkler Includes

  • 1 complete Snorkler Pump with all motor and cart parts

  • 1 instruction manual

  • 3 Snorkler tips (sizes: 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4”)

  • 25 foot hose

  • More Info

    Snorkler Specifications:
  • Height: 51”
  • Width: 25 3/4”
  • Depth: 29”
  • Weight: 285 lbs.
  • Shipping
  • Weight: 325 lbs.
  • Power: 115 Volts AC
  • Used With: 5-gallon, straight-sided buckets only
  • Hose Length: 25 feet (standard equipment)
  • Tip Sizes: 1/4”, 1”, 1 1/4” (standard equipment)
  • Stator: Rubber pump sleeve size 2L3, Buna-N Rubber; this part is the most subject to wear and will need to be replaced periodically.
  • Expected Flow Rate: .8 gallons per minute at high speed with 1 1/4” tip (Log Jam @ 70°F).
    Flow rate is affected by length of hose, temperature, viscosity of material being pumped, size of tip used and the amount of wear (over time) on the stator.

    Expected Production Rates:
    Joint Size and Speed

  • 1” x 1/4” 123 ft/min
  • 2” x 1/4” 31 ft/min
  • 3” x 1/4” 20 ft/min
  • 4” x 1/4” 15 ft/min
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