Free Complete Guide to Log Homes E-book with every order!Free Complete Guide to Log Homes E-book with every order!


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Stains / Finishes
Stains / Finishes
Wood Repair
Wood Repair

Log Home Stain, Chinking, Caulking, and Cleaners
Maintenance for your log home including chinking, caulking, wood stain finishes and uv deck stain. We carry a complete line of log home maintenance supplies. We also offer copper post caps to beautify your posts, log screw, chinking tools, and log tenon cutters for the do-it-yourself log furniture builders.

Log home maintenance products:
  • Chinking
  • UV deck and fence stains
  • Wood finishes
  • Log Home Stain Samples
  • Borate-based termiticide
  • Insecticide and rot preventive preservatives
  • Log home sealants
  • Wood cleaner and brighteners
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners
  • Impel rods
  • Penetreat
  • Log Jam
  • Transformation stain
  • Corn cob blast media

    With our products you can start or finish any log home building, preservation, maintenance, restoration, or sealing project yourself.

    Log homes, small log cabin kits and floorplans:

  • Complete log home kits
  • Random length log home D logs
  • Weekend Log Cabin Kits
  • Western red cedar cabins
  • Knotty Pine, Spruce and Western and Eastern Red Cedar log siding
  • Tounge and groove cabins
  • Decking
  • Almost any type of specialty lumber you can think of, just call and ask.

    We also carry a wide assortment of other products to meet your log home care needs. These include:

  • Specialty tools needed for stain or log home chinking applications
  • Log Tenon Cutters application
  • Screw Jacks and Levelers
  • Copper Post Caps
  • Copper Post Caps
  • Woodworking drill bits
  • Foam backer rod for sealant application
  • Log Home Fasteners
  • Log home gasket tapes
  • Brushes, trowels and many others.
  • Purchase our new book, The Complete Guide to Log Homes
  • Download log home floor plans for any type of home from small cabin floorplans and mini cabin floor plans to full size homes.

    Dont forget to see our log siding and specialty lumber section

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