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Log Home Stain Samples

Log Home Stain SamplesWe provide log home stain samples to help you purchase the log home stain product that suits you best.
Stain Sample Tips:

  • Order several samples of log cabin stain.
  • Mix each of the stain samples prior to sampling! We cannot emphasize this step enough. Most do not mix the sample enough to thoroughly mix in the pigments that settle naturally at the bottom of the bottle. You could try pouring the stain into another container, stirring thoroughly, then pouring it back. Just be sure to get that bottom layer of pigment totally dispersed.
  • Next, apply the stain to the actual wood that you will be staining – not just a scrap from the garage! The same stain looks significantly different on different samples of wood. Make sure and apply the same number of coats you’ll be applying to the whole home.
  • Use the same application method when doing the stain sample as you plan to use on your home. For example, if you are going to spray and then back brush the stain on your home, then it is best that you use this same application method on your samples. (NOTE: if you can’t get a hold of a mini-sprayer from a paint store or Home Depot or somewhere similar, you will want to brush on 3 coats to get a truer color match.)
  • Sample a large enough area to make a good choice – it is impossible to imagine what your entire log home will look like by testing only a very small area.

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UV Guard Stain Sample
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