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X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer - 1 Gallon

X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer - 1 Gallon
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Product Description

Download X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer MSDS

X-180 Wood Restorer is a safe, biodegradable Log, Siding, and Deck Cleaner. X-180 eliminates years of natural wood discoloration resulting from accumulations of dirt, mildew and fungus, as well as exposure to sunlight and environmental pollutants. It restores discolored wood surfaces to the appearance of new lumber. X-180 is also well suited for the removal of mill glaze commonly found on decking, as well as recently manufactured log home packages.

X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer counteracts the weathering process by eliminating dirt, fungus and discoloration from all types of wood. The product is a safe, biodegradable, blend of oxalic and inorganic acids combined with a wetting agent. X-180 cleans weathered wood to remove dirt, mold and mildew. It restores wood surfaces to the appearance of new lumber. X-180 will also open up the mill glaze found on newly milled lumber. Upon a final rinse and several days of drying your wood will have the appearance of new lumber. After treatment with X-180 your wood will be ready to accept a variety of wood preservatives and semi-transparent finishes such as Woodguard and X-100 Deck Finish.

Features and Benefits:

  • X-180 is a state of the art wood restoration product.
  • It is safe to use according to directions, contains no chlorine bleach and will not harm the environment.
  • X-180 cleans and restores even severely discolored wood to the appearance of new lumber.
  • X-180 does the job with a minimum of effort and without damaging the wood or the environment.


  • X-180 will not remove any paint stain or clear finish that is in sound condition.
  • X-180 may dull painted and metal surfaces if it is not rinsed off quickly.
  • X-180 will not bring back a natural wood color to pressure treated green lumber since its color was previously lost in the original treatment of the wood.
  • X-180 is not considered a strong defoliant. However, the use of breathing types of drop cloths to protect delicate and or adjacent vegetation is recommended.
  • Do not allow X-180 to splash or dry onto adjacent surfaces. Immediately rinse with water any residue that comes in contact with adjacent surfaces.


    A five gallon pail of X-180 will clean 750-1000 square feet of severely discolored wood. On light to moderately discolored wood, a five gallon container of X-180 diluted 1 to 1 with hot water, can clean 2000 square feet of wood surface.

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