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RotFix Epoxy

RotFix Epoxy
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Product Description

RotFix Rot Repair Epoxy

Download Rotify Epoxy (Part A) MSDS

Download Rotify Epoxy (Part B) MSDS

Description: RotFix is an ultra-low viscosity epoxy, primer, wood sealer and hardener. It is specifically formulated for constant, deep infiltration into wood fiber, serving to restore the structure and body to wood broken by severe weathering and rot. RotFix produces a solid foundation for paint or other repair products such as SculpWood Putty and Paste. It is constructed from 100% epoxy solids and formulated with no water, VOCs’ or solvents. Products containing these solvents are often very low in actual resin solids. They’re drastically affected by moisture and shrink as they dry, leaving little material in the wood to do the job. RotFix, on the other hand, treats completely by chemical reaction with nothing is lost to evaporation. This means no shrinking, and all of what you put into the wood remains, making RotFix far more cost effective with high-quality results. Additionally, no solvents means RotFix has essentially unlimited shelf life. The 24 oz. kit of RotFix includes 8 oz. of epoxy hardener, a convenient measuring bottle and 16 oz. of epoxy resin. It is mixed at a ratio of two parts resin to one part hardener. Simply pour the desired amount of resin into the measuring bottle. A guide, printed on the side of the bottle will show you exactly how much hardener to add. Shake the bottle to mix, then apply to the wood surface. Reapply until no more is absorbed. At room temperature RotFix will cure in about 6-12 hours. Can apply heat to speed up process.

8 oz. epoxy hardener
Convenient measuring bottle
16 oz. epoxy resin

100% waterproof
VOC and solvent free
Made of 100% epoxy solids (Low odor)
Flows like water for excellent penetration into wood and most porous materials
Apply by pouring or brush
Reliably cures at temperatures as low as 35°F
Two part system features an easy 2:1 mixing ratio
Use to harden soft, "punky”, wood as a base for further repair
Can be used on damp wood
Seals wood permanently to prevent future moisture penetration

Directions: Mix two parts of RotFix Epoxy (Part A) with one part of RotFix Hardener (Part B) by volume. A pair of mixing bottles is included with "fill to" marks for easy mixing and application. Mix no more than can be applied within 30 minutes. For easy measurement and application, use the enclosed bottle. No thinning is necessary but can be thinned with acetone if multiple coats and increased penetration is desired.

Application: Apply to affected area with mixing/applicator squeeze bottle, syringe, brush or roller. The wood must be dry. Repeat if necessary. You cannot use too much. Make sure all surfaces are coated. No thinning is necessary. However, in cooler temperatures and to increase penetration with reduced viscosity, it can be thinned with acetone.

Technique: An easy method is to apply the RotFix from the mixing bottle and brush it out with a small paintbrush. Make small batches, just a few ounces at a time. Make sure all surfaces being repaired get coated with at least one heavy coat. Have a small container of sand nearby and pour any unused RotFix into the sand to avoid curing in the bottle.


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