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WindowsAmerican Log Homes is proud to offer Andersen Windows.
We sell the complete line of 400 series windows.

  • High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass stays cleaner and reduces water spotting†
  • Nearly-invisible TruScene® insect screen optional
  • Rich natural wood interior
  • Attractive low-maintenance exteriors
  • Larger glass area lets in more light
  • Vinyl cladding protects entire sash from rain
  • Reach-out lock pulls sash tightly against frame
  • Pine interiors available with factory-applied white finish
    Andersen glazing options also include laminated monolithic glass, dual-pane insulated glass, and decorative art glass in eleven patterns, including four Frank Lloyd Wright® designs, available exclusively for windows and doors made by Andersen. Andersen also offers a broad selection of divided light grilles and grille options for most of its products for increased design flexibility.