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Transformation Log & Timber Stain - 2 Gal.

Transformation Log  & Timber Stain - 2 Gal.
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Product Description

Transformation Log and Timber Stain

When it's time to restore an eroded, failing stain, or if you need to maintain a coating that has lost its luster, remember one word, transformation. Better yet, remember two words: Transformation Stain. Transformation Stain will transform the appearance of your exterior logs and exterior vertical woodwork from dull and lifeless to rich and brilliant - especially for older logs needing restoration. The stain that's easy to remember because its name describes what you want and what it provides, Transformation!

Transformation Stain isn't just for restoration. On new construction, Transformation provides a solid foundation of protection that can actually reduce the frequency of future maintenance, saving you precious time and hard-earned money. Compared to some of the most popular stains on the market, Transformation out-performed them in color and appearance retention. And since Transformation dramatically improves the appearance of restored wood, can you imagine the beauty of this coating on new logs? Transformation Stain delivers beauty that lasts.

Number of Coats: 2
1st Coat Coverage Rate: 200 Square Feet per Gallon
2nd Coat Coverage Rate: 400 Square Feet per Gallon

Color Chart

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  • Gold Tone Light
  • Gold Tone Medium
  • Gold Tone Dark
  • Brown Tone Light
  • Brown Tone Medium
  • Brown Tone Dark
  • Red Tone Light
  • Red Tone Medium
  • Red Tone Dark
  • Redwood
  • Natural


Product Estimator

Square Feet:
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Maintenance Coat:


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