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Tiara Post Cap- 14.75''

For keeping with your rustic decor, this two-piece hand-made deck Post Cap is your answer.
Tiara Post Cap- 14.75''
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Product Description

Solid copper post caps are great for keeping with your log homes rustic decor. The Tiara two-piece hand-made deck Copper Post Cap is your answer to the protection you need and the styling you want, this ornate Post Cap is especially attractive and develops a beautiful patina over time. Side Wall Height = 2"

The cap is a made from 2 pieces of copper that have been soldered todgether and are ready to be put on the post.

We do recommend a good exterior adhesive or caulk such as on the inside of the cap when ready to keep in place.

The flat round top piece is roll formed to the collar piece (the part that drops down on the post 2") under the little lip, then the inside is soldered.

How to Measure

Measure the largest diameter of your post or find the circumference of the post and divide by 3.14. Finally, always round up to the nearest 1/4'' for a successful fit.


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