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Round Closed Cell Backer Rod - 3/8" x 100' Roll

Round Closed Cell Backer Rod - 3/8" x 100' Roll
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Product Description

Closed-Cell Round Backer Rod for Log Home construction

Special Note: For smaller orders, a minimum shipping cost of $15 will be applied.

Closed-Cell Round Backer Rod is the product you need prior to chinking or caulking your log home. It not only acts as insulation, but repels moisture, too. Closed-Cell Round Backer rod also serves as a bond-breaker between two logs and provides a structure against which you can apply chinking and caulk more uniformly in order to achieve an ideal joint.

Closed-Cell Backer Rod is available in three shapes: Round, Triangle, and Trapezoid. You need to choose a shape depending on your log chinking or caulking situation, and/or the geometric shape of your logs. Round Backer Rod is most often used to push into checks and small cracks before log caulking is applied, and tends to be the least expensive Backer Rod.

Closed-Cell Round Backer Rod’s features and benefits:
  • Closed-cell formula repels moisture
  • Provides a firmer finished joint compared with open-cell backers
  • Sizes range from 1/3” to 1-1/4”
  • Can be used around doors and windows
  • Available in 25 foot lengths or higher/bulk quantities
Why Use Backer Rod:

Backer rod is a bond breaker, which means caulk and chink does not stick to it. When put behind caulking, it allows the caulking to only stick at the top and bottom of the joint where it touches the log (2 point adhesion). This allows the material to be pulled only in two directions (up and down) and react to movement like a rubber band.

If no bond breaker is in place, the caulking will stick to the back wall, top and bottom of the joint (3 point adhesion). This holds the caulking in place and does not allow it to move, causing failure.

Backer rod also greatly helps control the depth of the sealant as it is being installed to insure that the optimum amount of material is put into place. If too little material is installed, premature "cohesive failure" can occur. If too much is installed, the sealant is wasted and your costs are greatly increased.


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