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Penofin Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner - 1 gal.

Penofin Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner - 1 gal.
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Product Description

Penofin Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner

Download Penofin Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner MSDS

The Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner is quick, easy and safe to use to rejuvenate and clean your wood, this product will not damage the existing finish. This is also one of the best outdoor cleaner in the market today. Safe on soil and plant life and made with SuperHydrogen Power to block just about any cleaning job around your home. Perfect for removing stains, grease, dirt, grime ,mineral deposits and tree sap. This high-quality product is use for log homes, log siding, masonry, concrete, stucco, fiberglass, brick, cushions, furniture, floor coverings and so much more!

  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for plants and soil
  • Renovates wood to mill bright look
  • Rejuvenates and cleans wood
  • Easy to apply
Coverage: Approximately 300 to 400 sq. ft. depending on surface type.


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