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PC-Rot Terminator® - 1.5 Gallons

PC-Rot Terminator® - 1.5 Gallons
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Product Description

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PC-Rot Terminator® is structural wood hardener designed to strengthen decayed or rotted wood. The mixture is a low viscosity liquid that penetrates porous surfaces filling and sealing voids with an epoxy that cures to a hard but durable component. PC-Rot Terminator® is useful for replacement of missing wood fibers or wood resin. PC-Rot Terminator® fills the voids in the wood with an elastomer that has strength greater than wood. PC-Rot Terminator® acts as a binder that glues the wood fibers together. The wood fibers become much stronger in combination with the epoxy elastomer. Solvent Free: PC-Rot Terminator® contains 100% active ingredients and does not contain solvents which may evaporate and cause shrinkage.

Wood Hardening: Worn and weathered wood can be rejuvenated with PC-Rot Terminator®. The surface can be made harder and less crumbly. A desk surface or hardwood floors can be made harder and wear resistant if the wood is ready to accept the epoxy consolidate. Seal the wood from the effect of wear and weather.

Adhesive: PC-Rot Terminator® can be used as an adhesive on non porous surfaces. The mixture becomes thicker after 90 minutes of working time allowing for higher build and increased glue lines.

Penetration: PC-Rot Terminator® will readily follow the grain of rotted wood. Removal of paint and varnish will increase the acceptance of the consolidant. For maximum penetration poke or drill holes into the wood or expose the grain of the wood by cutting into the wood. For vertical surfaces drill holes on an angle to hold PC-Rot Terminator®. Reapply the PC-Rot Terminator® prior to cure if needed.

Applicators: The epoxy consolidant can be applied using and acid or paint brush or a paint roller until the area is fully saturated. The applicator bottle can be used to inject into drilled holes or larger openings in the wood. Do not attempt to spray outside of a paint spray booth.

Cure Rate: The cure rate in the thicker sections is faster than in the thin sections. The greater the temperature, the faster the cure time. PC-Rot Terminator® cure can be accelerated using a light bulb or other gentle heat source. The cure rate is halved for every 20°F increase. After cure (roughly 24 hours) fill in missing pieces with PC Woody® paste epoxy.

Coverage: 1.5 Gallons will seal 75 to 150 square feet of deck as a sealer. For severely rotted wood, one unit will treat 500 to 2500 cubic inches. The amount of usage depends on the porosity of wood. Damp wood that is heavy with water will not accept the maximum amount of the mixture. PC-Rot Terminator® can not displace water in wood.

Chemical Resistance: PC-Rot Terminator® can be used as a protective coating. The epoxy has an excellent resistance to solvents such as xylene, toluene, ethanol, water and caustics. PC-Rot Terminator® is not recommended for M.E.K. butylcellusolve or acids.

Masonry uses: PC-Rot Terminator® can be used to seal and protect concrete, brick and stone surfaces. Use for chemically resistant linings, mortar and secondary containment linings. Excellent for flooring and repairing cracked plaster.

Sealer: Protect drywall from water and moisture. Seal particle board and plywood around plumbing fixtures. Protect where there is condensation or leaks. Seal wood posts and end grain. Seal garage floors (floor should be clean and dry before application).

Marine: PC-Rot Terminator® can be used to repair fiberglass boats. Repair holes and punctures using PC-Rot Terminator® to wet out the surface and PC-11® and PC-7® paste epoxy as a filler. Use as a barrier coating for repaired hull. Secure loose hardware. Repair areas of delaminating fiberglass or wood. Seal cracks and scratches. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GEL COAT OVER EPOXY REPAIRS.

Epoxy Repairs: Repair dry rot on a wooden boats surface, deck, trim, hull and planking. Repair docks. Remove splinters from rails and board walks.

Painting: Stain sealing primer or oil based primer are recommended.


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