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Osborn Brush 6" x 80 Grit

Osborn Brush 6" x 80 Grit
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Product Description

Like Buffy Pads, the grit-impregnated nylon fibers of these filament cup brushes find their way into the irregular contours of logs to prep wood very effectively. The 80-grit version is usually best, and can be found in both the 4 and 6 size. The 6 size stresses the bearings of a grinder more than the 4, but works faster. If used for an entire log home, can take 1-3 Brushes for an average sized log home. These Brushes screw onto a grinder arbor of 5/8X11. They work well to remove old coatings and weathered wood.

They leave a bit more texture in smooth (but weathered) wood than Buffy Pads, and can be used to reduce some cob-blasting texture and power-washing felting. Heavier than Buffy Pads, and lead to more fatigue.


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