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Structures Wood Care NatureColor Recoater - 1 Gallon

Structures Wood Care NatureColor Recoater - 1 Gallon
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Product Description

Structure Wood Care NatureColor Recoater

This Wood coating system is a proven exterior translucent satin wood finish. The special oil alkyd resin formulation is combined with special iron oxide, ultraviolet reflecting/ absorbing pigments. This protection formulation is intended to establish and sustain a grain and texture-defining natural new wood appearance to your new or weathered wood.

NatureColor Recoater is used on exterior vertical surfaces as a system-completing topcoat over NatureColor Base Coat. For optimum performance all three coats should be applied within one month. If weather, budget, or time becomes an issue, NatureColor™ Recoater can be applied within one year of the initial NatureColor™ Base Coat applications. (Note: surface preparation must be followed if four weeks time has lapsed between coats.) NatureColor™ Recoater is also used as a subsequent single application maintenance coat. Under qualified circumstances, it may also be used as a renovation coat over other finishes, subject to condition of the wood surface and finish applied to it, compatibility of coating chemistry, etc.


  • Translucent: Ensures optimum visibility of the wood grain, enhances and highlights the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Micro-porous: Allows moisture in the wood to escape.
  • UV protection: Screens the wood from sunlight deterioration through use of UV absorbers and iron oxide pigments.
  • Water repellent: Protects against damage from moisture intrusion.
  • Fungi resistant: Impedes the growth of wood disfiguring and decaying microorganisms.
  • Flexible: Allows for expansion and contraction of the wood.
  • Low odor: Applicator friendly through use of low odor solvents
  • Available in 1 and 5 gallon

Color Chart

  • Natural
  • Aged Pine
  • Cedar
  • Teak
  • Chestnut
  • Lodge Brown
  • Mahogany



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