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Makita 9565CV Grinder

Makita 9565CV Grinder
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Product Description

The best power tool Sashco has discovered to date (for power, lightness in weight, ease of maneuvering, speed control under load, etc.), run at about 3,000-4,000 rpm - and no faster.. This abrasive tool can be used all by itself to prep wood surfaces, or it can be used to reduce some of the "felting" and texture that comes from cob-blasting or power-washing (if, for example, the texture resulting from cob-blasting is considered too coarse).

Features: 5 stage variable speed control dial for matching the RPM to the work. Improved 12 AMP motor design for increased output power in a more compact tool. Larger and improved carbon brush material for longer life. Electronic limiter stops the motor and prevents accidental motor over load and burnout. "Tool-less" wheel guard adjustment for easy clamping. Labyrinth construction seals and protects the motor and bearings from dust and debris by creating a complex set of channels.


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