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  • Stack-n-Seal 2 Log Home Caulk - (12) 11oz Tubes

Stack-n-Seal 2 Log Home Caulk - (12) 11oz Tubes

Stack-n-Seal 2 Log Home Caulk - (12) 11oz Tubes
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Product Description

Stack-n-Seal Sealant for Log Structures

Stack-n-Seal is an internal sealant and adhesive that is applied between logs during construction. With better stretch and adhesion than other sealants, Stack-n-Seal is ideal for providing a long-lasting barrier against insects, air and water infiltration between the logs.

Stack-n-Seal is easy to apply using standard caulk application equipment. Its extended shelf life makes those jobs that take longer than expected more manageable. Since Stack-n-Seal cleans up with just soap and water, job site labor costs are decreased.

Stack-n-Seal Features and Statistics:

  • Eliminates air and water infiltration

  • Economical

  • Highly elastic

  • Longer shelf life

  • Light tan in color

  • More Info

    Stack-n-Seal Instructions

    Stack "N" Seal is a dual-purpose sealant designed to not only serve as an internal seal, but also provide excellent adhesion. Stack "N" Seal can be used in conjunction with all foam gasket systems or it may be used alone. Stack "N" Seal will remain flexible and help to maintain a seal should the logs move or twist over a period of time.

    Application Tips

    • Refer to our Log Home Sealant Application Guide for coverage rates and examples of where to locate beads of Stack "N" Seal.

    Directions for Use

    All surfaces to be sealed should be clean and free from foreign materials. Do not apply to surfaces that are frozen or covered with ice. Apply Stack "N" Seal according to your Log Home Manufacturer's construction specifications. Refer to your Log Home Manufacturer's construction manual for bead size requirements and bead location for all joinery.

    Stack "N" Seal is for use as an internal sealant. Stack "N" Seal is not recommended as an external or exposed sealant. Use ENERGYSEAL for applications requiring external or exposed sealant.

    NOTE: Some Log Home Manufacturers require a double bead of sealant to be applied between mating surfaces. Always follow your Log Home Manufacturer's instructions when using any product.

    Before Stack "N" Seal dries, it is easily washed off equipment with soap and warm water. After it has dried, use alcohol as a cleaning solvent to remove unwanted Stack "N" Seal. Stack "N" Seal is freeze - thaw stable, but for best performance it should not be allowed to freeze. The shelf life of Stack "N" Seal is two years if it is properly stored in a cool, dry place.


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