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Impel Borate Rods

Impel Borate RodsImpel Borate Rods for Log Home Preservation
Whether you are looking to prevent damage to your new log home, or trying to curtail damage in an older log structure, Impel Borate Rods are a low cost way to prevent or stop decay. Highly concentrated borate in solid form, Impel Borate Rods are simple to install in new or existing log homes. As moisture levels rise, the borate diffuses slowly throughout the log and acts to preserve it.
Benefits of Impel Borate Rods:

  • EPA approved, green friendly product
  • Easy to install: just drill a hole, insert Impel Rod, and caulk
  • Use to treat existing decay, or install in high risk areas
  • Can prevent or stop decay up to 12 from application site
  • Can be placed into the heart of the wood at log production or construction, as well as into existing structures
  • Provides superior protection to spray or brush-on treatment
How do Impel Borate Rods work?
IMPEL Bor8 Rods depend on moisture to work. When the moisture content reaches levels suitable for decay to attack (around 25%) IMPEL rods slowly dissolve and begin to diffuse throughout the wood. When the moisture level drops the rods become dormant but when the moisture level rises they reactivate.
Installing Impel Borate Rods:
Impel Borate Rods install in three easy steps:
  1. Drill appropriate sized holes to accommodate rods
  2. Insert IMPEL Borate Rods into the holes;
  3. Plug the holes with a quality caulk such as Log Builder.

IMPEL Bor8Rods are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit your particular application.
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