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Grip Strip - 1-1/2" Width x 460´ Length

Grip Strip - 1-1/2" Width x 460´ Length
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Product Description

Grip Strip is a closed cell trapezoid shaped product which, under normal use will not cause blisters in chinking material. Unique design provides excellent fit with a flat surface within chink joint, resulting in saving on chinking. Can be used on exterior or interior surfaces. Comes in 4' lengths. Repels moisture.
Backer Rod is a foam material used to fill large checks and gaps between logs. It also provides support for chinking and sealants. Its primary purpose is act as a "bond-breaker" and promote two-point adhesion (see diagram), giving the joint and sealing material the ability to compress and expand as logs move. Sealants and chinking do not adhere to the backer rod - only to the log surfaces of the joint - allowing for movement without damaging the sealing material.


  • It provides a firm chinking or caulking surface
  • Its shape and texture allow it to be easily installed without using staples, nails or glue
  • It repels water. (Most open cell products absorb water)
  • It’s compatible with all commonly available synthetic chinking
  • It helps prevent blistering of chinking surfaces
  • It provides extra insulation against heat loss
  • It comes in a number of widths and it fits a wide variety of log styles


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