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Glass Oxide Blasting Abrasive - 50lbs

Glass Oxide Blasting Abrasive - 50lbs
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Product Description

Crushed Glass for Blast Cleaning - 50lbs

Processed recycled glass has been sold as an abrasive blasting media over the last decennia. Crushed glass has been introduced to the blast cleaning industry to replace SILICA SAND. Silica sand contains crystalline silica which has been proven to be a health risk for the blaster and his work environment. While silica sand is a raw material used in the production of glass, the manufacturing process converts the crystalline structure to an amorphous state. This makes Crushed Glass a valuable and economical substitute for silica sand.

  • Great for log home restoration
  • No special blasting equipment needed.
  • Out performs corn cob media this task better
  • Faster
  • Not as dusty
  • Uses less material saving you money
  • Plus it's "GREEN"! - Made of recycled glass
  • Less expensive than other abrasives

    Fine Grit = 70/100 sieve size

    Medium Grit = 40/70 sieve size

    This is the only crushed glass abrasive on the Qualified Products List the government uses to qualify accepted abrasives for use on government projects.

    ***Lighter duty fine blasting on substrates requiring minimal etching or profile such as wood, aluminum or fiberglass. Excellent for cleaning welds and bolt heads, spot cleaning and restoration work. Great surface for powder coating. Excellent for slurry blasting. Minimal to no substrate damage. Great for restoring cars, cleaning radiators and electrical motors, and medical parts cleaning. Also great for log home restoration and water blasting.

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