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Dumond Smart Strip™ Log and Timber Finish Remover

Dumond Smart Strip™ Log and Timber Finish Remover
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Product Description

Title: Dumond Smart Strip™ Log and Timber Finish Remover

Download Dumond Smart Strip™ Log and Timber Finish Remover MSDS

Description: This highly-developed wood finish remover attains a superior outcome for the elimination of several layers of transparent or clear coats as well as dense color stains from timber and log buildings. Additionally, the log and timber remover can be utilized more generally in other log dwelling refinishing applications, being suitable for nearly interior and exterior surfaces, including: concrete, brick, metal, wood, fiberglass, plastic and plaster. This wooden finish remover is 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, and use water-based wood, paint stripper that is both environmentally safe and odor-free. With the Dumond Smart Strip Log and Timber Finish Remover, log cabin refinishing has never been easier or safer. This wood finish stain remover eliminates solid color and clear coats easily and is mainly suited for the challenges posed by the complicated, molded and engraved surface. Refinishing log home is made easy with Smart Strip Log and Timber Finish Remover, as the paste is simply applied by regular airless sprayer, roller or brush. It is specially formulated to keep effective and wet over a long time period, so it can be applied without the use of Dumond®Laminated Paper, although the use of laminated paper will extend the dwell time and speed up the process of departure, especially in high temperature environments such as those found in the hot months of summer. Covered The Smart Strip™ Log and Timber Finish Remover approximately 40-50 square feet per gallon. Make your log cabin home Refinishing and maintenance projects safer and easier than ever before with Smart Strip Log Dumond and Timber Finish Remover.

Will not burn skin
Made without methylene chloride
Eliminates clear coats and solid color stains in one application
Zero VOC
pH neutral (No neutralization needed)

Restrictions: May not be suited for the removal of a few epoxies, toxic paints and primers and some superior coatings. Smart Strip Log and Timber Finish Remover may harm or stain a few sorts of glass, plexiglass, plastics, vinyl or rubbers. Run a test in a small inconspicuous before applying to your entire substrate.

Test Patch: Always perform a test patch in a small inconspicuous area for each type of substrate and paint coating prior to full application. Testing before beginning any project is the best way to ensure product effectiveness. Test patches can determine the proper dwell time and thickness to apply the product for you specific application. Failure to do a test patch can result in the need for more than one application, increasing labor and material costs.

Recommended Substrates: Smart Strip™ Log and Timber Finish Remover can be used on most substrates, however is not recommended for the following: Drywall, EIFS, plywood and laminates, Plexiglass, some fiberglass and plastics. Regulatory Information: Smart Strip™ Log and Timber Finish Remover is VOC compliant with all national, state and local regulations.

Preparation: Be sure that the surface is clean, dry and dull before beginning your project. Protect and cover all areas such as vegetation and other surfaces not designated to be stripped including adjoining surfaces where overspray and rinse water may travel. Solvent resistant polyethylene sheets can be used as an effective barrier. Wet down all vegetation before beginning and cover with Dumond® Catch-N-CoverTM or 6 mil solvent resistant polyethylene sheeting. Be careful not to lay sheeting on vegetation in the sun or it may result in killing the foliage.


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