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Dumond Peel Away® Deck Stripper

Dumond Peel Away® Deck Stripper
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Product Description

Title: Dumond Peel Away® Deck Stripper - Available per 1 Gallon or 5 Gallon Bucket

Download Dumond Peel Awayˇ Deck Stripper MSDS

Description: Eyeing for some of the top paint removers for eliminating lead paint from wood? Peel Away Deck Stripper is one of the best choice. Heavy-duty enough to break through hard layers of paint. Will not damage wood surfaces and allows for very easy clean up.

The Peel Away® Deck Stripper from Dumond is an exceptionally useful wood paint remover. It is an all-set and biodegradable paint remover for effectively and safely eliminating lead paint from wood. The eco-friendly paint stripper also takes away water-based and oil stains, weathered latex, clear finished and varnishes from redwood, cedar, and pinewood and pressure treated siding, fencing and decks. Redwood and cedar may darken after using Peel Away Deck Stripper. This high quality product is highly alkaline and will cause darkening of the wood surface as well as raising the pH. Covers approximately 100-125 square ft. per gallon. Peel Away Deck Stripper can be diluted at a ratio of 1:1 and will cover between 200-250 square ft.per gallon.

In order to restore and lower ph, you will need to use Peel Away® Brightener and Neutralizer after using Peel Away® Deck Stripper. You can find this product here.

Strips water-based and oil stains, weathered latex, varnish and clear finishes
Reconditions weathered and gray to its natural color
Eliminates water stains and mildew
Biodegradable and bleach formula
Safe and effective for all wooden surfaces
Odor free
0% VOC
Eco friendly formulation

*Shipping Rates Apply to Weight of 5 Gallon Bulk. If Buying 1 Gallon, Shipping Rates can be Reduced After Purchase.


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