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Colorfast Pre-Stain Base Coat 5 Gal - FREE SHIPPING

Colorfast Pre-Stain Base Coat 5 Gal - FREE SHIPPING
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Product Description

The all NEW Colorfast product helps keep the color the color as Lignin (wood cell glue) stabilizers prevent yellowing and darkening of the wood as time goes on, this stops the color shifts that occur in stain applied over top. Light colors stay light and darker colors stay dark.

Colfast prevents the blotchiness that occurs by filling the pores to create a smoother surface and more even stain application. Great for blasted, rough-sawn, knotty pine, or milled logs Prevents picture-frame effect on interior wood: Apply on bare wood on the interior of the home and under Sashco’s Symphony® interior clear coat to avoid yellowing around wall décor. Use under any Sashco stain: Using oil-based Transformation Log & Timber? Water-based Capture®, Cascade®, or Symphony®? No problem. Easier stain application: Greatly reduces the need to backbrush the stain applied over top. Great as a log keeper coat: Prevents mold and yellowing due to UV damage on new wood as it moves from the mill to the job site and throughout construction. Contains both mildewcide and algaecide to help preserve the wood until it’s time to stain. Or, life happened and you need to wait for a few weeks between prep and staining? No problem. Seal those ends: When applied heavily on log ends, prevents over-penetration of stain and log ends that are darker than the rest of the logs.

Coverage: 150-300 Sq Ft Per Gal


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