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Cobra Rods

Cobra RodsCobra Rods are a way to spot treat decay prone areas such as log ends that are already coated with a finish.
What is PostGuard / CobraRod?

  • Environmentally responsible wood preservative
  • Glass-like rod of the elements copper and boron (both are wood preservatives)
  • Water soluble preservative that defends wood against ants, decay, termites, and fungi
    How Does the Product Work?
  • PostGuard / CobraRod is water soluble and when water ( Moisture Content above 20%) is in the wood it dissolves slowly and moves through the wood
  • Wood requires at least 25% moisture content for decay organisms to proliferate and PostGuard / CobraRod works ideally in these conditions to stop rot
    What Do I Use PostGuard / CobraRod For?
  • Use it to extend the life of fencepost, wood retaining walls, deck beams and posts, log homes, corrals, hay sheds, pole barns and other wood-post farming structures
  • PostGuard / CobraRod is best suited for larger stock wood, i.e. 4" x 4" or greater.
  • How hard is it to Use?
  • Very Quick and easy to use. It takes 2-3 minutes per post. A typical backyard fence can be done in less than an hour.
  • Drill a half-inch diameter hole into the wood at ground line, drop in a PostGuard / CobraRod and plug the hole with a caulk
    What Tools Do I Need?
  • 1/2" drill bit, drill, hammer, PostGuard / CobraRods
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