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Backing Rod By The Foot

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Backing Rod By The Foot
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Product Description

An inexpensive, yet effective "backing", commonly referred to as Backer Rod. Backer Rod is an extruded, chemically inert, closed cell polyethylene "rope" designed to effectively fill in the gaps between logs prior to the application of caulking or log home chinking.

Backer Rod is flexible and compressible; it conforms to the irregularities in the log surface. Its primary function is recognized as a median between the log gap and the chinking. Select the proper Backer Rod that fits flush with the logs.

For example, 1/2" rod should be used if your finished chinking application it to be approximately 1" wide (for a 6" thick round log). Place the rod in the joint. Be sure the edges are flush with the log surface.


1. Backer rod may be green or grey.

2. This is round closed cell backer rod.


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