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1 Qt. Bulk Loading Air Gun

1 Qt. Bulk Loading Air Gun
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Product Description

This is a Single-Action Air-Powered Bulk Caulk Gun with 1 Qt Volume. It can discharge the most viscous materials such as log home caulk and chinking at high-speed and in large volume. It is recommended for repetitive work where joints are uniform in size and shape.

The 100-10 can be paired with a follow plate for easier and more efficient loading of chinking. Note: The 100-10 utilizes air power for dispensing and is manual powered for loading.


  • Requires minimal physical effort
  • Designed and built for repetitive work
  • Provides even flow without interruption
  • Dispenses most viscous materials at high speed and in large volume.
  • The 100-10 is supplied with 32-55 nozzle.
  • Many Albion specialty nozzles can also be applied without the use of an adapter.
  • 3-way air valve for instant pressure release
  • Full porting to prevent piston upset
  • Dent-resistant steel barrel
  • Scratch and rust-resistant plated finish
  • All parts are replaceable.
  • 1 quart capacity minimizes reloading.
  • Air pressure regulators can also be supplied as an extra by Albion Engineering.
  • All models accept 1/8"NPT male air-line fittings.


  • Description: Single-Action Air-Powered Bulk Caulk Gun 18" barrel - metal nozzles
  • Industry: Serious Sealant Applicator
  • Best For: Popular Model for large volume work
  • Material Type: All Single & Slow Cure Two Component
  • Capacity: Quart
  • Drive Type: Single Action Air
  • Force or Pressure Generated: 120 psi Pressure
  • Barrel Diameter (inches): 2
  • Barrel Length (inches): 18

Heavy-Duty dent-resistant steel barrel with Teflon Industrial Coating (optional) for easy cleanup swivels for dispensing convenience.


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