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    Timber Pro Deck & Fence Formula Stain - 5 Gallons- Not Available

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    Timber Pro Deck & Fence Formula Stain - 5 Gallons- Not Available
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    Timber Pros "Deck & Fence Formula is no longer available see recommended Sascho Transformation Deck and Fence

    Timber Pros "Deck & Fence Formula", is a transparent fence and deck stain that is naturally tough but different from other typical wood sealers. This is truly a green building product that is popular among all consumers because it makes fence and deck maintenance a lot easier.

    Deck & Fence Formula is an ELITE professional grade finish to stain, seal, and protect your natural wood decking. Deck & Fence Formula is formulated with durable, penetrating oil resins that are carried in pure water. This formula gives you the toughness of an oil finish combined with the envirosafe qualities and easy cleanup of a water-borne product. Our oil resins cure into a hard, non-sticky finish that will never attract dirt, dust, or mildew. They penetrate deep into your wood to protect it from the inside.

    Deck & Fence Formula repels water to stabilize your wood and prevent rot. It contains a low-toxicity algaecide and mildewcide to protect the deck from the mold and mildew that are a common problem in wetter climates. Deck & Fence Formula also contains multiple UV reflectors and absorbers to prevent the fading and deterioration caused by the sun.

    Available in 5 standard colors and over 40 custom colors, you are certain to find a shade of Deck & Fence Formula stain to coordinate well with your home. If you want your deck to weather naturally to gray, our Clear UV formula will preserve your deck without affecting the color.

    • Siding
    • Log Homes
    • Hot Tubs
    • Shingles
    • Shake Roofs
    • Outdoor Furniture
    • Planters
    • Saunas
    • Gazebos
    • Arbors
    • Fences
    • Beautiful, natural-looking finish available in your choice of colors

    • Easy application, cleanup, and maintenance

    • Envirosafe formula has no unpleasant fumes, will not harm children, pets, or plants

    • Hard-drying, penetrating formula will not track into your home

    • Prevents mildew growth that can make your deck slippery and dangerous
    • 1 Gallon / 4 Litres: 100-300 square feet per gallon per coat, depending on wood age and condition

    Log & Siding Formula Semi-Transparent Stain Log & Siding Formula Clear UV Topcoat

    New / unseasoned wood, smooth siding:
    100-150 ft² per gallon net (2-3 coats)
    Aged / kiln-dried wood, rough siding:
    50-100 ft² per gallon net (3 coats)
    Coverage depends on wood texture and porosity. Allow 20% of total gallonage for Clear UV topcoat.

    On SEASONED WOOD, remove all dirt, mildew, weathered wood fibers and old sealers. It is CRITICAL to the penetration of Log & Siding Formula that all old finishes be removed prior to application. Clean & Brite will remove all dirt, mildew and mild weathering. Strip & Brite will remove severe weathering, discoloration and oil-based finishes. Allow wood to dry completely after cleaning. Mask off all non-wood surfaces.
    PLEASE NOTE that Log & Siding Formula does not need to be stripped, only cleaned, before reapplication.
    On NEW SMOOTH SIDING, sand wood with 80-100 grit sandpaper to slightly roughen surface and remove mill glaze. Powerwash with no more than 1500 PSI, taking care not to mar wood. Let wood dry completely before applying Log & Siding Formula.
    On NEW ROUGH SIDING, powerwash thoroughly and let dry completely before applying Log & Siding Formula.

    STIR CONTENTS WELL. Saturate wood using a low-pressure sprayer. Begin at bottom of wall and work upward. Attempt to work an entire wall section at a time to avoid overlap marks. If wall is too large to coat in one section, gradually feather out the far edge to minimize overlap marks. Allow product to absorb for 10 minutes, then brush out runs and drips. ON ROUGH-SAWN WOOD, immediately apply another flood coat using the same technique. This is called "wet-on-wet" coating. Allow the first application to dry completely.

    After the first application has dried completely, apply another single flood coat. Color will deepen slightly with each successive coat. ON SMOOTH WOOD, check to see if the second application dries to a slight sheen. If so, wait until sheen is gone (several months) before applying third application (below).

    The final coat is a Clear UV topcoat. This topcoat should dry on both rough and smooth siding with a slight surface sheen. Surface fibers should feel quite hard and difficult to penetrate with a fingernail. Sheen indicates wood pores are fully saturated and resins are now drying on the wood surface. If you do not see the sheen after all coatings, you may not be applying product heavily enough, or your wood may be so extremely porous that it would require more coats.

    Clean tools immediately with soap and water. If Timber Pro UV dries on tools, clean with a solution of one part Strip & Brite to four parts water.

    Wood surface should be cool and dry for best results. Do not apply Log & Siding Formula in direct sun in temperatures over 72° F. Product will dry too quickly without penetrating if wood surface is too warm. To cool wood surface, mist very lightly with cold water before applying.

    If wood surface has not dried sufficiently after cleaning or rain, Log & Siding Formula will immediately turn milky-white upon application. Allow wood longer dry time before attempting application.

    Recommended application is two coats of semi-transparent stain and one coat of Clear UV topcoat. The topcoat will help lock in the color.

    One wall of your home directly faces oncoming weather, usually the southwestern exposure. You should consider applying one extra clear topcoat to this side to facilitate more even wear.

    The oils and resins in Timber Pro UV permeate into the sub-surface wood pores, solidify and become permanent. These non-evaporative resins will not leach or oxidize from the wood. Sun, dirt and weather abrasion will eventually erode only the Timber Pro UV clinging to the surface fibers. Much of the pigment in Timber Pro UV is strained and separated from the oils and resins by wood fibers. These tint particles remain close to the wood surface, where they act as a layer of sunscreen and prevent graying. When this tint begins to erode, the wood will start to pale and lose its color intensity. This color fade can easily be prevented with proper maintenance.

    On SMOOTH WOOD SURFACES, the tint has less surface area to cling to, so the tint wears more rapidly. Smooth wood surfaces require more frequent maintenance. This is true no matter what coating you choose. When the wood first starts to lighten, it's time to re-apply.

    ROUGH-SAWN AND AGED WOOD will absorb much more Timber Pro UV initially and will require maintenance coats less often. Re-apply before the color starts to noticeably fade. Another indication is when the "side sheen" diminishes completely. One coat of Clear UV will revive that sheen.

    If your wood color is still fresh and unfaded, maintenance coats of Clear UV are sufficient. Otherwise, you may want to re-apply a coat of semi-transparent stain first. Maintaining a fresh topcoat protects the color underneath.

    In wetter climates, mildew is a fact of life. Mildew is not as likely to form on clean wood. If you live in a damp, shady area, your chances of mildew accumulation are higher. If your home is near unpaved roads or agricultural fields, you may also be more prone to mildew because of the airborne dust and dirt.

    A small powerwasher is the most important tool a homeowner can buy to maintain natural wood surfaces. Mildew is invisible until it dies and turns black. Powerwash your wood yearly to remove dirt and mildew. If you can remove the mildew before it dies, you won't have to deal with black mildew stains. DO NOT USE A CLEANER THAT IS BLEACH-BASED. Bleach-based cleaners break down wood fiber and may remove natural wood color.

    If you applied sufficient quantities of Timber Pro UV to the point of acquiring a "side sheen," water and dirt will roll off the wood much easier. Insufficient quantities of Timber Pro UV will leave wood fibers still somewhat absorbent. Color hold and mildew resistance will be more short term.

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    Timber Pro Deck & Fence Formula Stain - 5 Gallons- Not Available