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    Simple Construction


    Each log is precut to exact lengths and labeled accordingly. Random length logs are also available.

  • A simplified numbering system minimizes the log sorting time on the job site.

  • Window and door openings are already cut out.

  • 4'-5'overhangs at the gable ends are standard for most models

  • A log layout assembly sheet comes with the precut log package showing the log lengths and their placements according to window and door locations

  • A 102 page construction manual is provided to acquaint the builder with our construction system.

  • Just stack the log, drive the spike or log screws into the pre-drilled holes, place the adhesive PVC gasket on the tongues and you're ready for the next log.

  • A crew of four should be able to place the log walls on a 1,200 square foot home in about four days or less.

  • It is highly recommended that homeowners who wish to build the home themselves have general knowledge of construction and experience. If not, find a local, experienced and reputable contractor.

  • Technical assistance is provided with all our pre-cut packages.

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    Simple Construction