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    Log Home Screw Jacks

    Log Home Screw JacksTo help you adjust your log home as it settles during the first few years, use our proven log home screw Jacks. Designed specifically for adjusting, especially in tight spots, these screw jacks (levelers) will keep your new home structurally sound for generations to come.

    Log Home Screw Jacks aid in the compensation of settling log walls.

    These jacks have a threaded rod mounted to a steel plate with a nut acting as the height adjuster, with another steel plate on top of the nut.

    The bottom plate is screwed to the floor and the top plate is screwed to the bottom of the vertical log post.

    The threaded rod will pass through a hole in the center of the upper plate as shown and into a pre-drilled recess in the log.

    Remember it: It takes years for the logs to completely settle, which means that it will take some time for the jack to be lowered to a point where it will not be seen by someone in the room.

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    Log Home Screw Jacks