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    Log Home Preservatives

    Log Home PreservativesWestern Log Home Supply is your one stop shop for log home maintenance supplies. We provide a wide array of log cabin repair and prolongation products such as wood preservatives, insect repellants and anti-fungus growth chemicals, all at competitive prices.

    Log cabin maintenance involves several unique operations. Because almost every part of the house is made of wood, it is important to properly preserve and maintain the material in order to ensure that it will continue to provide ample protection from the elements. Our professional log home specialists at Western Log Home Supply are happy to share their experience and expertise on the materials and methods necessary for log home maintenance and repair.

    Aside from log home preservatives, we also supply log home repair and maintenance products such as chinking and log home stains.

    For inquiries on our log cabin maintenance products and services, don't hesitate to contact us

    NBS30 Insect Repellent - Treats 5 Gallon
    Orig. Price: $59.99
    Sale Price: $36.99
    StayClean IE® Mildewcide - Treats 5 Gallon
    Stay-Clean I/E - 9gr pouches (for 1 gal)
    Cobra Rods
    Impel Borate Rods
    Bug Juice Insecticide Paint Additive - 8.3oz Bottle
    Penetreat Borate Wood Preservative - 3.5 Gal.
    Penetreat Wood Preservative - 6 Gal.
    Orig. Price: $126.95
    Sale Price: $105.99
    X-100 Natural Seal Wood Protective - 5 Gallons
    Orig. Price: $289.99
    Sale Price: $229.99
    X-100 Natural Seal Wood Protective - 1 Gallon
     P-Wood Water Based Wood Preserver and Protector - 5 Gallons
    Tim-bor Wood Preservative
    Bora-Care Wood Preservative, Fungicide & Insecticide
    Board Defense Wood Care Preservative & Treatment
    Jecta Diffusable Boracide
    What is the difference between Cobra Rods, Impel Rods and Penetreat?

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